Branding a law firm is very different from other types of branding, for the simple reason that law firms are a breed apart. If you have never given much thought to the difference between marketing and branding a law firm, don’t feel alone. They are: Turn your law firm’s website into a 24/7 sales representative. Get quality business card,flyer and logo designs. Kind of like how you are reading this article right now, before you hire us are your legal marketing agency. Online and offline marketing are critical - we focus on both. Identify your Unique Selling Proposition (USP) – what makes you different – and then marry that with how you portray it to your clients. offers a unique and efficient way for law firms to connect with plaintiffs seeking legal representation. But, consciously creating your brand and then making sure all of your marketing efforts and customer interactions are on-brand is better for your law firm in many ways. Core Principles and Methodology. What you say and how you say things will determine your law firm’s brand voice. From here, you can begin to. We are #1 in Law Firm branding and marketing. Over the past several years there has been a trend in the legal industry related to growing law firms’ business development efforts. Honestly, we’re frustrated with the current state of marketing for law firms. "Branding” is one of the most often used, but least understood of all legal marketing terms. These are challenges faced by your law firm faces that branding cannot address. How do you establish a strong positioning strategy? Invest … Your voice communicates the firm’s values, identity and even opinions to the market. Design: As part of a seamless, comprehensive branding strategy, we will work with your … You’d be surprised how much branding and marketing can impact your practice and the number of leads and top-quality talent coming to you. Just as we have witnessed a tremendous forward momentum in the sophistication of law firm marketing over the past five years, so have we seen a significant growth in the incorporation of true branding as the backbone of successful business development strategy. Choose wisely when selecting the imagery and style that will represent your brand. Bear in mind that your legal team must employ branding on a daily basis in every email and on every phone call. The answers define who your firm is. We want to evoke EMOTION – think about exploring different font styles, sizes, and colors to come up with a creative (yet still professional, or even “formal” if you so desire) logo perfect for your law firm. Clearly define who you are, then your firm’s branding will give substance to your marketing efforts – now and years down the road. Elaborate on the answers, then touch base with colleagues concerning the results. HOUSTON, Nov. 16, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- Arnold & Itkin, a personal injury law firm serving clients nationwide, has worked with Scorpion, a leading marketing and technology company, to launch the next chapter of the law firm with a complete new rebrand. Your email address will not be published. Remember that the substance you build inside your firm will be what ultimately resonates externally. What is the internal culture of your firm? A law firm branding project requires help from professionals who are not only branding experts, but also experts in legal. Even if you are employing the most current marketing techniques that appeal and seem to engage, it will ultimately be your firm’s ongoing brand that will win and keep the trust of clients whose family members and friends could one day also become loyal to your firm. Sometimes organic marketing and brand building isn’t always enough to get your firm at the top of the SERPs. I’ve seen a lot more content from law firms that provide basic overviews of the law (while stating they aren’t dishing out legal advice) on their web pages. Our prediction is that more firms will drop the words “lawyers”, “law firm” and “solicitors” and anachronistic designations like “LLP”, “& Co” and “Partners” from their brand name and marketing entirely. How? What is Law Firm Branding (& Why You Need it)? So, in the spirit of Pablo we have curated a list of our favorite law firm logos for you to check out and draw some inspiration from. October 22, 2018. Therefore you need a logo that is eye-catching and reinforces your firm’s brand. Additionally, you are your busines. Law firms' costly marketing mistakes are legion, but I would like to mention just two examples here that I think are illustrative of my point that high concept, no matter how sexy, does not always translate. I appreciate your perspective and agree that Branding is an overriding strategy upon which our marketing efforts lie. Many law firms use basics as key messages in their advertorials and promotional materials. I’ve seen many of these techniques used and they’re used by people with proven success. We offer professional legal marketing and provide personal injury law firms with signed claimants that fit your firm’s specific case criteria. Hinge is a branding and marketing firm that specializes in professional services. They want to be educated, informed, and enlightened – not just to be sold to. What was your motivation to help victims? With your firm’s marketing, however, you may choose to outsource all or part of it to marketing professionals. The law firm's new look and feel include a new logo and a brand-new website. Put out relevant content that answers their questions, helps put their mind at ease (legal issues are super stressful, so hit that emotional trigger). Fishman Marketing is a global leader for strategic, revenue-generating marketing. Know-how […] Take Your Law Firm Marketing to the Next Level. Our groundbreaking research is changing the way firms go to market. But more than that, branding is being able to establish a positioning strategy. The first step towards getting more of what you want is to be highly specific about that. Many lawyers are missing out on business that should be theirs. It is one of few aspects of your marketing which is "about you" (ideally most of the rest of your advertising and marketing should be about client needs) - but even then it can … Full-Range of Services: We’re your one-stop-shop for law firm marketing! In the competitive field of law, law firm branding helps differentiate from other firms and builds credibility and trust. Components within your brand identity will include: Firm name; Logo; Color scheme; Typography and fonts; Marketing materials; Stationery such as letterheads and business cards; Images; Copy such as website and blog content Once you have established your brand identity, it is important to consistently apply it across all consumer touch-points. Through its team of legal marketing experts, FindLaw drives the industry by delivering a comprehensive portfolio of proven online and offline marketing solutions designed to connect law firms with targeted prospective clients. What are your firm’s values and core principles? Moiré Marketing Partners is a branding + design agency specializing in creative communications for law firms, educational institutions, associations, and more. There is fierce competition in the personal injury law field, and very many other lawyers provide the very same services as you. Believe it or not, branding for law firms matters a lot. We want to base your law firm’s brand on actual data and analysis, not just a hunch. Unlike other marketing firms, we do extensive independent research on the highest performing firms to shape our recommended strategies and tactics. Just like with marketing and branding for law firms, lawyers need to identify their area of specialty — such as family law or employment law — and define their target audience. Large law firms & legal networks … supporting in-house marketing professionals and marketing teams. We have specialist team members who understand the unique needs of the legal industry – as evidenced by our growing client list of law firms. The bottom line on the difference between branding and marketing comes down to converting legal leads. This is FindLaw's Law Firm Management Center's collection of free articles on Branding. Get Noticed through PPC Advertising. Home » Law Firm Branding: How Attorneys Can Create a Stand-out Brand for Their Legal Practice. Headquartered in the Washington, DC area, Moiré features an award-winning staff of strategists, designers, writers, and developers who are passionate about building brands and shaping expereinces. personal injury, slip-and-fall, and nursing home abuse and how would-be competitors try and piggyback on their success. Client's Challenge: The client had a website that was not optimized or user-friendly which was leading to little traffic flow and even fewer phone calls. The variety of online and offline marketing methods will include: Consider utilizing any of the many other online and offline marketing methods for your campaign. Boost Your Law Firm Website Performance with this Web Credibility Checklist. You are competing with big names that are recognized across the region. Tenure does not necessarily guarantee the achievement of your client’s goals. Our years of leading law firms and attorneys through our branding process have allowed us to package up everything you need to conduct branding exercises yourself. Differentiate your expertise and elevate your reputation. The variety of online and offline marketing methods will include: Attorneys will need to dedicate valuable time and resources to work on their law firm’s marketing and branding, however, attorneys are often busy handling cases and working with existing clients. They can help you form a law firm marketing plan that is specifically designed not just for small firm law marketing, but for your small law firm’s marketing. Broughton Partners offers a unique and efficient way for law firms to connect with plaintiffs seeking legal representation. Proper law firm branding can make or break your online presence. Social Media for Lawyers: The Ultimate Guide For Attorneys to Grow With Social Media Marketing, Dental Branding: The Ultimate Guide to Building a Recognizable Brand in Dentistry, Law Firm Logos: 25+ Attorney Logo Design Ideas, Examples, Tips & Best Practices for Designing Your Legal Practice’s Logo. Your firm’s brand is not your logo or letterhead. With a customer person (aka buyer persona, aka customer avatar). Law firm marketing . The end goal is brand equity for your legal practice – meaning the level of influence your brand makes in the purchasing behavior of customers. Attorneys will need to dedicate valuable time and resources to work on their law firm’s marketing and branding, however, attorneys are often busy handling cases and working with existing clients. Your logo is one of the first things clients will notice and remember. Visual Brand — the visual elements that give the firm’s brand a unique identity in a crowded and highly competitive market. And if you’re curious to where it comes from, here you go: Notice the definition says distinctive wording or design – I’m looking at you Mr. Lawyer who puts gavels on everything. Self-Led Law Firm Brand Development. I currently work as Head of Brands & Marketing of an IT firm, and everyday I try to ask myself the difference between Branding and Marketing and why they indeed should be different if at all. On the surface, all five law firms seemed relatively similar — dynamic boutiques led by tough, trial-oriented fighters. You will find that marketing for the legal industry continuously evolves in much the same way that your case types do. To stand out from the crowd, proper law firm firm branding is the first step you can take to create a powerful reputation for your legal practice. It is your most important asset. Digital Marketing for Law Firms: Our Comprehensive Guide At LaFleur, we’re committed to educating and empowering law firms. Marketing reaches potential clients with the message of your brand. Our decades of experience in legal marketing will result in a customized brand, unique to your firm, that will inspire and evolve as your firm … If you're advertising or marketing, including direct marketing, you must be accurate and honest and follow the advertising codes of practice The same old law firm branding & message is not resonating with potential customers anymore. An effective firm brand will support new business development, client loyalty, the cross selling of firm services and the internal pride in a firm. Now that you have a law firm branding backbone, it’s time to dive into the creation of your brand identity. In part one of this two part series, we look at five marketing tips for commercial law firms that are minimal cost and simple to implement, but will help prevent the 'scatter gun' approach to marketing that many firms fall prey to. Required fields are marked *. PLUS get access to our marketing team to ask questions, troubleshoot or talk marketing strategy for your business. As an attorney, you need to create a business around yourself. Candis Roussel is Account Director at Hinge Marketing, where she leads a team of researchers, marketing strategists, brand designers, writers and integrated marketing experts. but also how things are communicated (vocabulary, tone, etc.). Law Firm Branding: Strengthen the Core of Your Legal Marketing. Because of this, pay-per-click, or PPC, advertising is one of the fastest law firm marketing ideas you can use to boost your firm’s visibility. There are established and non-traditional ways to brand and position your law practice. The brand is a firm’s promise to its clients, colleagues, referral sources, judges, potential clients, internal audiences and others. If the “positioning” of a law firm is the leveraging of that which makes it unique, then “branding” is the external manifestation of that positioning. Law Firm Slogans Let me fight for you We will take you through each step till the end. is far-reaching. When your firm’s name is heard, what should come to mind? Once you have taken the time to define a good brand strategy and worked with an experienced team to bring your branding to life through logo design; mission, vision, and value writing; website development; brand voice refinement; and more, you should have the look and feel of your brand down pat. The law firm’s new look and feel include a new logo and a brand-new website. But each was much more than that. It will include a serious and informational tone while being heartfelt as well. Here's 5 great tips to help you get started and focus your marketing activities during the Covid-19 crisis. Law Marketing Experts: We understand how to market law firms, from the smallest to the largest firms, as few others do! We hope that the information provided here has made clear the difference between branding and marketing for law firms. Always remember that the changing portion falls within the marketing aspect, with evolving methods and cultural trends, but branding stays the same. There is more than one way to visually display justice, integrity, equality, etc. Located in beautiful Greenville, South Carolina. We’re proud to have partnered with Postali to present a beginner’s guide to branding your law firm. Running your own law firm means learning how to run a business. December 10, 2020. Branding as the Strategic Backbone of Law Firm Marketing. It is your identity — the culmination of your experience, your attitudes and your reputation. See more ideas about Law firm branding, Law firm, Branding. Where you’re at: You’re leading a growth-minded law firm. On the first page alone, clients can choose from more than 100 listings. We need to dig deep and discover who the market is, where your law firm stands, and how we can engage with that market. We publish blogs, webinars, newsletters, and podcasts that teach lawyers and law firms about digital marketing, branding, and other tools that can boost their practices and help them capture the right leads. I’m fascinated by how bigger law firms have branded themselves in different areas, i.e. The best way to start anything creative is to see what’s out there, and use them for inspiration. Your email address will not be published. Branding Litigation Firms: 5 Law Firm Case Studies. This makes it hard for the public to distinguish one firm from another. A clear understanding will allow you to effectively use both of them in the process. Our branding process involves: 1. What are your communication methods and characteristics? This article takes a look at these differences. It will include a serious and informational tone while being heartfelt as well. Get more bang for your buck. It’s helpful and a good way IMO to increase a lawyer’s image and brand awareness. We can help you with your firms brand positioning today. And while a focus on business development is a critical strategic initiative, there is also evidence that this increased focus has come at a price – a reduced focus and emphasis on marketing and branding. The firm already had a clear perspective of their own internal strengths and weaknesses, as well as the needs of their clients, and understood the disconnect between the two. FindLaw. Join our private Facebook Group to get access to our agency’s internal processes, systems and training. Establishing a solid law firm brand takes hard work, thoughtful planning & a clear strategy. A consumer touch-point is any place / time a potential customer or client comes in contact with your brand (before, during or after they purchase something from your business). Contact your account manager today to see live samples of law firm brands, stationery and marketing materials and for ideas on using color more effectively. With a brand strategy in place, the law firm is ready to create a visual brand, or what we call “design language.” A firm’s design language evokes rational, physical and emotional responses among key constituents, both internal and external. After which, you should expect to receive a number of documents and deliverables from them, so that you have everything you need to create and brand all your marketing materials now and in the future. A buyer persona helps you identify & improve your understanding of your ideal customer. Clients view attorneys as experts. However, every firm can use the power of color to project their culture, brand and image. As a marketing company with the goal of branding a law firm, we have a lot of questions to answer. This is already evident in the marketing of major personal injury firms. created innovative and memorable branded marketing materials for law firms to help cement their market position beyond the basic letterhead and business cards. Do you have a professional sense of style? Included in the process will be a mixture of videos, graphs, photos, charts, keywords, and content. You’ve had a taste of what truly effective law firm marketing looks like. The buyer persona concept is fantastic. If your firm has fantastic marketing strategies using keywords and great marketing methods, but no one connects with you as a brand, your lead conversion rates will remain low. Not only will they deliver smarter work, but they’ll also earn the trust of the lawyers at your firm. There is a significant connection between branding and marketing, but there are subtle differences that set them apart, and these differences are very important. Start with these: By answering the above questions, you will discover what the internal culture and the internal operations of your firm are. Creating Branding Consistency for Your Law Firm. ... Business Development, Law Firm Marketing, Lawyer Advertising. How Law Firms Should be Marketing During the Coronavirus Outbreak We speak to leading legal marketing experts to help you market your law firm effectively at this time. You May Also Be Interest In: Is It Time for a Brand Audit? A marketing firm is any company that assists a business with creating, implementing, and sustaining marketing strategies.These specialized firms are outside contractors that businesses of any size and in any industry can hire to improve their marketing efforts. Your firm’s unique selling proposition is really the actually differentiating factor between you and your competitors – branding is really the practice of communicating that. Branding often gets overlooked in favor of one-off marketing efforts. We have mentioned repeatedly in this article that branding is one thing, and marketing is something else. With preliminary research and feedback assembled, we will work with your firm to develop a clear set of branding guidelines as well as a strategy document that clearly outlines our plan to create a strong brand using a variety of assets, which can include elements of design, development, social media, and copywriting. It had the basic information a law firm website needs, but was lacking the ability to capture the visitior's attention long enough to build trust… Postali helps lawyers across the country grow their business through targeted direct mail campaigns, award-winning web design, and digital marketing management.