Offer a variety of scratching substrates; don’t offer just one carpeted scratching post. Why do Cats Scratch Furniture? Don’t scratch the furniture, don’t get on the counter, etc. But, now at a breaking point, she is seriously considering finding new homes for the cats in order to save her furniture. You may need to do it more than once. Since part of the reason … Yes, my dogs do eat the cat food when given the chance but my cats also want to eat the dog food when given the chance. Please remove your suggestion on using cap claws as they are detrimental to the cat’s ability to retract their claws which as you know affects their ability to walk (on their toes remember?) Limiting Your Cat's Ability to Scratch Keep your cat's claws neatly trimmed. The minute she hears any wrong scratching, she stops them, and she is NOT mean about it, she just makes them stop, so they go to their scratching posts. Share them below! Shelly needs to reinforce the cats whenever she catches them in the act of scratching the posts and horizontal scratchers. With these simple dental care tips, you can help keep your canine’s adorable smile shiny and healthy for life. Scratching is a perfectly natural behavior for your cat. Before we look at how to stop cats from scratching furniture, let’s look at cat scratching behaviors. Cats need to scratch both vertically, up and down, and horizontally, side to side. The article was very educational. The three felines frequently focus their attentions on an antique chair and two ornate sofas. © Another thing to consider when learning how to stop cats from scratching furniture — why cats scratch in the first place. Their interdigital glands, which are located between the pads of their paws, leave odors behind so that other cats know that the “marker” cat has been in the area. Let’s Talk Cat Growling — Why Does Your Cat Growl and How Should You React? Vetstreet. Stay informed! The cat word for “stop doing that” is “SSsssssssss.” Said sharply, with a loud start to the word. It will take Shelly a little time to assemble everything and to put the plan in place. Put it on a rag or cloth if you have fine furniture. A cat scratching on furniture can be a sign of a restless, bored kitty. A pro cat behaviorist weighs in — plus, understand why your cat scratches. Want to give your pup yummy, low-calorie treats? Some cats also may scratch furniture because they are not provided with adequate scratching posts. Clean your furniture once or twice a day with a citrus-based cleaning agent as cats dislike the smell of oranges and lemons. Find the Cat Coach on Facebook! May 7th 2019. Bartonella is a type bacteria that can be transmitted to cats, dogs and humans from exposure to infected fleas and…. Here’s how to stop cats from scratching furniture. Cats scratch to leave their scent and mark their territory. When I bought her, Gabbi, her scratching post, she ran right to it, and knew what to do. I love Catster! All rights reserved. Though it might feel like it sometimes, your cat doesnt scratch your furniture or carpets to upset you, she scratches to clean the exterior sheath of her nails, remove cuticles and to sharpen her clawsthink of it as a feline manicure! Cats aren't being naughty when they scratch and you should learn why they do it. Cats scratch partly to mark territory, so don't tuck the post away in an unused corner. Buy a scratching post. They need to scratch but you can encourage them not to scratch furniture. Try Double-Sided Sticky Tape. She clearly knows that I don’t want her to scratch the sofa and so she doesn’t, except, occasionally. What ever the reason for the scratching a cat needs to scratch especially when they first wake up in the morning. , there are several other reasons why not to use claw caps which I presume you already know. In the wild, cats scratch … Any cat that does not have a scratcher will scratch things in the house. Your email address will not be published. some do, some don't give them scratch posts or somewhere they can scratchs citronella helps keep them off furnitur as does training them, my old cats tried when they arrived, but soon stopped, our current one has never bothered at all, Cat’s are very smart, so just be patient and they will catch on to what you want them to do. Do all cats scratch furniture? Ask our behaviorist in the comments below and you might be featured in an upcoming column. Place a scratching post right next to the furniture the cat is currently scratching. You might want to invest in a nice scratching post. They get to stretch out their bodies and extend and retract their nails. The best furniture guard. How to Help Your Barn Cat Through the Winter, Have a Sick Cat? Everyone, including the cats, loves the furniture. NEVER EVER SQUIRT WATER ON YOUR CATS . At home, cats may be drawn to couches and chairs for the same reasons that tree trunks appeal to them in the wild. © Additionally, cats’ paws contain scent glands and when they scratch objects, they release a visible and chemical scent marker that identifies their territory in … Scratching provides a visual way to mark their own territory while also letting cats leave a scent that is released through pads on their paws. Reluctant to rehome them, but wanting unscarred furniture, she contacted me for advice on how to stop cats from scratching furniture. The cat may also forget after a few months, or think you’ve lost interest in what it decided must have been your private scratching post. They have scent glands on the bottom of their, Scratching is a displacement behavior. Cats scratch furniture for a number of reasons. Cats also scratch to leave visual and olfactory (scent) markers. The behavior is natural and instinctive, common to all felines. She can save her antiques and keep her cats. I’m yet to figure out if this is a good or bad thing but from my research at least I know its a normal thing, hehe. If you scent their scratching post with catnip, or attach … Her cats reacted to her yelling by scratching the antiques and the carpet more intently. very nice article i was looking for this kind of quality content from very long awesome stuff. When they scratch, the movements help remove the outer nail sheaths. and mostly I like the font you use. I’ve tried this with several of the cats that dropped by to play with me over the years and it’s worked with all of them. I find that telling the cats to stop works. Reinforce by comforting your cat afterwards: it’s the behaviour you object to, not the cat. Scratching is a normal aspect of cat behavior. This means that you have to provide alternatives to the furniture. Check out our collection of more than 250 videos about pet training, animal behavior, dog and cat breeds and more. It is, after all, the same way they tell other cats to stop doing something. Contrary to popular belief, cats do not scratch furniture and carpet out of spite or to purposely destroy objects. I have 3 cats and I also have a spray bottle of water that if they scratch on a particular chair, I spray them (not a mist, a sharp, stream of water). The theme of last week’s consultations was how to stop cats from scratching furniture. Cats are like some French and Welsh people: talk to them in English and they’ll pretend they don’t have a clue what you’re saying even if they understand every word; say the same thing in their own language (however atrociously) and they will admit they understand you. She’s the greatest! I have hardwood floors and keep some old carpet pieces where she likes to scratch. Vetstreet does not provide medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. Scratching helps cats remove the outer shell of their nails – something like natural nail cutting. 2001-2020  Scratching objects is one of the ways cats communicate… Cats scratching furniture also helps to maintain their claws and keep them sharp by shedding their claw sheaths which keeps them in tip-top condition. Once we got the allergies under control and she stopped scratching her face, I let the nail covers grow out and fall off. All this scratching can cause a lot of damage to furniture, drapes and carpeting! Therefore, the first step to keep a cat from scratching all the furniture in the house is to buy a scratcher that she’ll find attractive.. You will find quite a few different types on the market—there are … Required fields are marked *, You may use these HTML tags and attributes:
. Another thing to consider when learning how to stop cats from scratching furniture — why cats scratch in the first place. Although scratching is mandatory, Shelly’s cats do not have to focus their sharp attentions on the antique furniture and the oriental rug. One consultation stands out. Cats scratch furniture for a number of reasons. 9 Ways to Tell if Your Cat Is In Pain, Cat Cuddles — What to Know About Your Kitty’s Snuggling Habits, How to Stop Cats From Scratching Furniture. My Manx kitten was trained by her breeder to use a scratching post before I picked her up. For me their quality of life is more important that material things that can be resolved with common sense. Photography by 5second/Thinkstock. Something all breeders should think about. Often, my cat behavior consultations have a theme. This is a temporary solution while she trains her three cats to bypass the antiques and focus their attentions on the scratching posts and horizontal scratchers. Scratching posts come in all shapes and sizes, from the traditional vertical models to horizontal squares. Your email address will not be published. Scratching objects is one of the ways cats communicate. My solution was to get the perfect sofa and chair microfiber fitted covers thick and it protects furniture just fine. I keep their nails clipped also, but like in the article, even a declawed cat will scratch. I haven’t used them since and only used them because she was hurting herself. thanks for all the good imput i have posts which work well i have never yelled because ive heard that before that it makes it worse so i will try some new ideals and i agree with the other comment that sometimes cats are gonna be cats and as i sit here with my 4 cats laying at my feet knowing iam writing about them with their claws no matter even when they get into the garage and lay on my vette they are not going anywhere we not only love them THEY ARE FAMILY gary h. I have 3 cats and my daughter has 1, so there’s 4 in the family, along w/a dog. Thank you Paul for your comments! As the cat starts to scratch the new scratching post, the owner can slowly move the post to a more desirable location. She hung a scratcher from a door, placed a scratching post in one of the rooms and yelled at the cats. So placing a scratching post near their bed is ideal. Take our breed quiz to find your next pet. I have a cat that is trainable. To confirm their home’s furniture, offices furniture proposed buyers or current owners touch with us to avail of way to great furniture items. Physically, clawing is … A cat does not have the choice to not scratch. Ever … Other solutions to stop cat scratching include adding various ingredients (which cats do not like) to water and spraying on furniture. In the meantime, she can protect her furniture by fitting nail caps on her cat’s claws. Meow Samantha. © 2019 Belvoir Media Group. The targeted furniture needs to become objects that do not feel good to scratch. Your lavish praise will also help create a positive association with the act of scratching the cat furniture. Test Drive the new cat furniture. Shelly should either stick double-sided tape on the scratched areas or cover them with sheets or fabrics that are not conducive for scratching. Have a point of view to share? Here are our top tips for keeping your cat from scratching your furniture. Sometimes, I have the owner buy fabric similar to the furniture the cat likes to scratch and make their own scratching posts. NEVER. Clean existing scratch marks. In the wild, scratching sites are usually located in areas where the cats spend a fair portion of their time.  |  While you cant stop your cat from scratching, theres a lot you can do to protect your furniture and redirect your cats behavior. I have six cats, four cat posts, two cardboard scratchers and four, three and four level cat trees. I have had furniture mutilated in the past. is online furniture store in Lahore that is plentiful with an excess of furniture items and interior design artifacts. She rarely tries to scratch the sofa because if I catch her doing it, I say, No, firmly. It’s really GREAT! Scratching works like a little memo note for your kitties - they’ve made … And thank you for the article! Vetstreet. I find it cute. Deter the cat from scratching furniture by placing double-sided sticky tape on it. They sometimes try to scratch where their not suppose to, but when they look at me first and I say NO and put my hand on the water spray bottle, the 2 young one’s run away and the 2 older cat’s turn and saunter away as if to show me their indifference. Cats Will be cats you can’t say no to them it’s a joke to them. Before I had Talulah, I used aluminum foil placed on the furniture and yes, the double tape. How can I stop my cat from scratching my furniture/carpet?