Most snakes sold by breeders or shops are considered "domestic" pets, even if they are unconventional. Instead of being forced from their natural wildlife sanctuary by encroaching human development, they have actually expanded their range, becoming ever more comfortable in our back yards, golf courses and public wild animal habitats. Failure to follow these state laws or regulations can often lead to revocation of a commercial breeder's license, civil fines, or even criminal penalties. Snakes can best be The black rat snake, growing over 6 to 8 feet long, is the largest snake species found in the state of Michigan. Egg-laying snakes bury their eggs in sand or soil in late spring or early summer. It may not be captured or killed. The eastern massasauga is primarily associated with wetland habitats but some populations also utilize adjacent upland habitats for parts of its life history. People recoil at the fangs and rattling tail as it tries to protect itself. Michigan. The eastern massasauga rattlesnake (Sistrurus catenatus catenatus) is a unique and fascinating part of Michigan's natural heritage. try the craigslist app » Android iOS CL. We got this list directly from the U.S. An All-New Animal Destination For You And Your Family! 12 Crazy Laws In Michigan That Will Leave You Shaking Your Head. Our goal is to document their distribution and help measure changes or … 1. Key Characteristics. Department of Agriculture & Rural Development, Michigan Youth Livestock Scholarship Fund, Michigan Agriculture Environmental Assurance Program (MAEAP), Agricultural Marketing and Bargaining Act, Christmas Tree Inspection & Certification, Aquaculture Facility Registration or Aquaculture Research Permit, Food Establishment Licensing General Information, Coming into Michigan from Another State (import), Exhibition (Show, demonstration or display) Requirements, Leaving Michigan to go to Another State (export), state aquaculture importation requirements. Box 30028, Lansing, Michigan 48910, by November 1 of the license year. Lansing, Mich. (WLNS) With the weather getting warmer, one of Michigan’s most venomous snakes is coming out of hiding. For a more complete overview, read Snake Laws in the US. Events like the International 500, Michigan Snowmobile Festival and North American Snow Festival provide the perfect opportunity to gather with other enthusiasts and celebrate Holders of a Michigan reptile and amphibian commercial license shall submit an annual catch report on forms provided by the Director to: Fisheries Division, MDNR, P.O. There’s no question, we must have laws in place in order to maintain an orderly society. The Supreme Court reviews appeals of decisions by the Michigan Court of Appeals. These non-venomous snakes are harmless to human, though it is the largest snake you will find in Michigan. Due to its decreasing numbers, the Black Rat Snake is protected by Michigan law. State law protects black rat snakes, citing them as a Michigan DNR species of particular concern. Michigan Law Careers. For sake of simplicity on this list, we're going to list every species of snake here in the United States that is currently protected under the Endangered Species Act of 1973. Every state and territory, regardless of rank, has room for improvement. Nonnative Domestic Rabbits, Rodents, Reptiles and Amphibians being imported from out of state for Exhibition: Contact the exhibition authorities for any additional requirements. LAWS §287.731, it is clearly defined which animals cannot be kept as pets. Here you will find everything you ever wanted to know about rattlesnakes, cottonmouths, copperheads, king cobras and even the notorious black mamba. To be precise, the Michigan Department of Natural Resources lists 17 separate species you can find within our state. Well, without begging the obvious, did you buy the snake in Michigan? Nontechnical, contains illustrations and key to identifying snakes, as well as sections on biology of snakes, snakes and peo… It is a small- to medium-sized snake, with adult lengths averaging 2 to 3 feet. Michigan Laws is a topic in the Experts forum at - - The SHHS is a group of venomous reptile keepers educating the public about venomous snakes and lizards. The sale and possession of exotic animals in the United States is regulated by a patchwork of federal, state, and local laws that generally vary by community and by animal. The western fox snake is one of special concern to Michigan authorities as it faces habitat destruction of the woodlands and prairie lands it calls home. Check Out Hundreds Of Reptiles! The eastern hog-nosed snake, often regarded as the most interesting snake found in this state, flares its hood, striking and hissing like a cobra when threatened. Certainly, the annual mean salary of $96,020 (per the Bureau of Labor Statistics, circa May 2017) is appealing. Born Free USA believes that wild animals belong in the wild, not in private homes as pets or in zoos and other such facilities, and strongly recommends against the purchase and possession of wild and exotic animals. Back to top You will receive your first email soon. Welcome to's Reptile Law Support Center. That’s the Eastern Massasauga , and it … AHO contact information by State. Top Tier—3 strengths & 2 weaknesses Michigan has the largest population of Eastern Massasauga Rattlesnakes in … Here you will find a collection of state laws passed by the Michigan Legislature, and organized by subject area into Chapters, Acts and Sections. See the current Fishing Guide for these important rules and a list of protected species. Attorney General Opinions - AG Opinions are issued when requested by the legislature, any public officer of the State, or a county attorney, on a question of law relating to their office. Seven species lay eggs; the other 10 bear their young live. Marshes are vital habitat for the feeding and reproducing of fish, water birds – ducks, geese, herons, cranes, rails, song birds, frogs, reptiles and many mammals (muskrats, beaver, and otter). Michigan’s more than 6,500 groomed snowmobiling trails are one of the most extensive interconnected snowmobile trail systems in the nation, made even better by the state’s abundant and dependable snow. There are no specific requirements for intrastate movement. Michigan is home to 17 species of snakes. Arkansas. Michigan Compiled Laws - FindLaw's hosted version of the Michigan Compiled Laws. When a snake sheds its skin it puts nutrients back into the soil. The Eastern Fox Snake is large (adult length 3 - 5.5 feet/0.9-1.7 m), boldly patterned snake with large dark brown or black blotches down the middle of the back and smaller, alternating blotches along the sides of a yellowish to light brown body. See for yourself. You'll receive your first newsletter soon! Due to its decreasing numbers, the Black Rat Snake is protected by Michigan law. Enter your e-mail address for things to do, restaurants to try and much more! Michigan Legislature. While snakes can be terrific pets for any number of reasons, all responsible pet snake owners must be aware of the laws and regulations that govern snake ownership. There are many reasons that you might want to become a lawyer in Michigan. The Northern Water Snake is often miss-identified as a venomous "Water Moccasin". I currently live in Michigan and have thought of getting a venomous snake. Reptiles For Sale! Get Even More Stories Like This Right In Your Inbox! Michigan Law Welcome to the Michigan Law section of FindLaw's State Law collection. The State of Michigan is known for its unspoiled nature. It has the nation’s longest freshwater coastline, huge lakes, sandstone cliffs, a marine sanctuary, and state parks.